Customized In-House Enforcement Programs

In-House Courses

The courses are presented for local, state or federal enforcement or regulatory group at your preferred schedule, time and location. ITI conforms to your administrative training protocols, performs the administrative tasks and coordinates the courses.

Topics of Concentration
The courses provide financial investigation techniques to trace assets and illegal proceeds to prove fraud, financial crimes, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Asset Forfeiture Applications
The curriculum supports enforcement and regulatory efforts to present financial evidence as nexus for forfeiture of real and personal property gained as proceeds or from facilitating forfeiture crimes.

Drug Enforcement Applications
Trace and document drug proceeds to target local kingpins / conspiracy networks as continuing criminal enterprises for prosecution / forfeiture actions. Prove violators create and display wealth without apparent legitimate income sources. Prove drug dealers use money laundering, nominee and fronts to hide, move and spend drug proceeds.

Target Audience
Courses are conducted as cross-functional training for uniform procedures and a team approach for local, state and federal enforcement and regulatory investigators, task force officers, analysts, auditors, compliance officers, paralegals and prosecutors involved in the broad range of fraud / financial crime investigations. Curriculum topics can be adjusted for attendee skill levels, experience and group composition to meet your specific training needs.

Customized Courses
The courses can be presented (1) as detailed in the course description and curriculum or (2) customized to focus on financial crimes of concern to your group and can be presented in conjunction with local prosecutors. All course topics are formatted as separate modules with accompanying PowerPoint presentations and can be selected and arranged to customize courses and handbooks.

Course Critiques
The instructors are consistently praised by managers and attendees for presentation skills and the courses evaluated as excellent for content, innovations and usefulness. Course evaluations and references can be provided on request.

Education Credit Hours
These courses are appropriate for 28 CPE and POST training credit hours.

Fees / Training Material
On-site training programs are cost effective with significant savings in tuition, travel time and expenses. Fees include course handbooks, field guides, practical exercises, case studies and Certificates of Completion for education credit hours. Contact ITI for quotes and Request for Proposals.


Retired career IRS / Criminal Investigation Special Agents with combined financial investigation experience exceeding 100 years and 50 years of combined teaching financial / fraud investigation techniques
Cleared US Govt Contractor
For training programs at various intelligence community sites, federal training academies, HIDTA / fusion centers and agency SAC field offices

ITI is a “sole source” contractor for several federal agencies due to ITI’s unique course content

Since 1990, 15,000 plus local, state and federal enforcement and regulatory officers, intelligence analysts, prosecutors, auditors and paralegals have attended 500 plus programs

DOD / intelligence community agencies, INTERPOL, the FBI, DEA, DHS / ICE (US Customs), US Secret Service, NASA, Postal Inspection Service, federal and state OIG agencies, Illinois Securities Department, Nevada, Colorado, Mississippi and Louisiana gaming divisions, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington and Delaware State Police, AZ DPS, TX DPS, TBI, GBI, FDLE and Attorneys General for Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oklahoma

Host police departments:
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, St Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Nashville