Investigation Training Institute

The Investigation Training Institute was formed in 1989 to develop and present specialized financial investigation training courses for private and public sector organizations to identify and prove the broad range of fraud schemes and financial crimes.
ITI is a national training company and recognized as a leader in providing in-depth, how-to training programs as a system to investigate financial crimes from -- allegation to litigation. Through step-by-step instructions, practical exercises, case studies, field guides and handbooks, the courses develop the organizational discipline and the analytical skills necessary to attack crimes for profit and "the paper chase" to reduce the frustration and cost associated with the investigation and management of complex financial crime cases.

From the outset, the training philosophy has been to provide innovative and proactive investigation procedures, practical field applications and proven techniques, as best practices, for competent and thorough investigations and audits. The proactive investigation procedures resolve allegations in a timely and proficient manner by prioritizing major issues, key witnesses and essential documentation. The courses are based on proven field techniques to manage and expedite complex financial cases with methods to gather, analyze and present financial evidence to prove complex frauds and financial crimes with admissible evidence in state and federal civil and criminal courts.

Programs heighten investigation and audit performance, ethics and professionalism.  Programs exceed standards for continuing professional education credits set by professions and associations to establish credentials, maintain proficiency and achieve certification status.


Retired career IRS / Criminal Investigation Special Agents with combined financial investigation experience exceeding 100 years and 50 years of combined teaching financial / fraud investigation techniques
Cleared US Govt Contractor
For training programs at various intelligence community sites, federal training academies, HIDTA / fusion centers and agency SAC field offices

ITI is a “sole source” contractor for several federal agencies due to ITI’s unique course content

Since 1990, 15,000 plus local, state and federal enforcement and regulatory officers, intelligence analysts, prosecutors, auditors and paralegals have attended 500 plus programs

DOD / intelligence community agencies, INTERPOL, the FBI, DEA, DHS / ICE (US Customs), US Secret Service, NASA, Postal Inspection Service, federal and state OIG agencies, Illinois Securities Department, Nevada, Colorado, Mississippi and Louisiana gaming divisions, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington and Delaware State Police, AZ DPS, TX DPS, TBI, GBI, FDLE and Attorneys General for Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oklahoma

Host police departments:
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, St Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Nashville