Ed Burke, CFE is retired IRS Special Agent with twenty plus years of experience investigating complex frauds, financial crimes, drug trafficking (OCDETF), NY organized crime families, racketeering, gun running, corruption, espionage, government contract fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing. Ed instructed for ASIS, IRS, FBI, DEA, DHS / ICE, US Secret Service, intelligence community agencies, US Department of Justice, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, gamming commissions, NASA and INTERPOL. Ed is the founder, course developer and training director for the Investigation Training Institute. Ed is an investigation and training consultant for local, state and federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies, corporations, and financial institutions proving fraud, tracing assets and developing financial investigation / fraud awareness programs. Ed is the author of the Financial Investigation Manual. Ed is a cleared US government contractor and presents training program at various federal academies, SAC offices and intelligence community facilities. Ed has fifteen plus years of experience as an instructor and is consistently commended for his expertise and presentation skills.

Tom Lasich is a retired IRS Special Agent and has conducted money laundering and financial investigations of organized crime members, major corporations, narcotics syndicates and political figures throughout the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Tom was the national project manager for all High Intensity Financial Crime Areas (HIFCA) training relating to money laundering and asset forfeiture at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Tom is an adjunct Professorial Lecturer in Law at George Washington University Law School co-teaching “International Money Laundering, Corruption and Terrorism”. Tom is currently a consultant (formerly the Head of Training) for the Basel Institute on Governance, International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) in Switzerland and designs and presents technical training programs on political corruption and money laundering issues and assistance to countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. Tom is a contributing author in the book, Tracing Stolen Assets, which was released at the Conference of State Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Qatar in 2009.


Retired career IRS / Criminal Investigation Special Agents with combined financial investigation experience exceeding 100 years and 50 years of combined teaching financial / fraud investigation techniques
Cleared US Govt Contractor
For training programs at various intelligence community sites, federal training academies, HIDTA / fusion centers and agency SAC field offices

ITI is a “sole source” contractor for several federal agencies due to ITI’s unique course content

Since 1990, 15,000 plus local, state and federal enforcement and regulatory officers, intelligence analysts, prosecutors, auditors and paralegals have attended 500 plus programs

DOD / intelligence community agencies, INTERPOL, the FBI, DEA, DHS / ICE (US Customs), US Secret Service, NASA, Postal Inspection Service, federal and state OIG agencies, Illinois Securities Department, Nevada, Colorado, Mississippi and Louisiana gaming divisions, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington and Delaware State Police, AZ DPS, TX DPS, TBI, GBI, FDLE and Attorneys General for Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oklahoma

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