Training Methods / Materials

The interactive presentations stress field applications to maintain interest and involvement. The case studies, practical exercises, directed discussions, group practicum exercises and critiques provide hands-on experience to analyze and compile financial evidence.

Attendee Participation
Instructors encourage questions, comments and active participation. The courses are designed to include attendee participation with practical exercises, field guides, computer applications, case studies, solutions and critiques. How-to field applications maintain interest and involvement. The case studies, practical exercises and critiques enable hands-on experience to analyze, compile and exploit financial evidence. The course handbooks contain checklists and field guides for currency reports, record searches, documentation formats, subpoena templates, case organization forms, reports and trial aids.

Practical Exercises
The courses include numerous practical exercises and field guides as how-to applications to maintain interest and involvement.

Case Studies / Attendee Practicum
The courses incorporate realistic case studies to demonstrate the field applications developed during the presentations, provide hands-on experience to analyze and compile financial evidence and summary of teaching points and investigation techniques.

Proactive Case Development Techniques
Presentations challenge complacency with practical exercises to encourage attendees to identify and analyze available system-wide financial information to develop proactive / intelligence-driven probes to test compliance and control procedures and expose fraud and other financial crimes. Enforcement programs encourage the utilization of available federal databases, currency reports, Patriot Act provisions and fusion centers to gain financial information and collaborate with federal and other agencies for joint investigations.

Training Material
Attendees receive a detailed course handbooks with updated information as reference guides with procedures checklists and related field guides for currency reports, records searches, interview and documentation formats, templates to request records, case organization forms, reports and trial aids. PowerPoint presentations are detailed and correspond to handbook and lecture topics.


Retired career IRS / Criminal Investigation Special Agents with combined financial investigation experience exceeding 100 years and 50 years of combined teaching financial / fraud investigation techniques
Cleared US Govt Contractor
For training programs at various intelligence community sites, federal training academies, HIDTA / fusion centers and agency SAC field offices

ITI is a “sole source” contractor for several federal agencies due to ITI’s unique course content

Since 1990, 15,000 plus local, state and federal enforcement and regulatory officers, intelligence analysts, prosecutors, auditors and paralegals have attended 500 plus programs

DOD / intelligence community agencies, INTERPOL, the FBI, DEA, DHS / ICE (US Customs), US Secret Service, NASA, Postal Inspection Service, federal and state OIG agencies, Illinois Securities Department, Nevada, Colorado, Mississippi and Louisiana gaming divisions, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington and Delaware State Police, AZ DPS, TX DPS, TBI, GBI, FDLE and Attorneys General for Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Oklahoma

Host police departments:
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, St Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Nashville